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Heating Applications

Having an efficient and cost-effective heating system is vital for saving energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions. Kaori manufactures Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) for residential and commercial heating applications with efficiency in mind.  Renewable and existing heating systems such as solar heating, gas boilers, heat pumps, and fuel cell combined heat and power (CHP) systems all benefit from high performing and efficient thermal transfer with Kaori Heat Exchanger solutions which result in lower energy usage and costs.

Heat PumpsCO2: C-Series

Others: K-SeriesR-SeriesK-S Series

Solar Heating: K seriesD-Series

Fuel Cell: H series

Central Heating Gas Boilers: E/F Series

Swimming Pool Heating: M seriesK-S Series

Cooiling Aplications

We love being in control of our environment and living in comfort.  This luxury however, comes at an energy premium and it’s imperative to find ways to be sustainable by optimizing affordable energy use. Kaori pioneers research in high performance heat transfer solutions with optimization in mind to save energy, time, material, and costs. Kaori's Standard K-Series is one of the world's most efficient brazed plate heat exchangers with high thermal performance, compact, customized solutions to compliment cooling systems. Kaori's Diagonal Flow Z-Series is built with the same industrial standard for large flow cooling systems and our R-Series was optimized for performance use with R410A systems.

Refrigeration Applications

Commercial refrigeration is a basic modern day necessity, but it takes a lot of energy to maintain low temperatures in storage and during transport. Energy efficiency is now more important than ever due to environmental concerns and government regulations. Utilizing compact, reliable, and highly-performance thermal solutions is vital for current as well as future refrigeration and cold storage systems. Kaori brazed plate heat exchangers can provide highly efficient thermal solutions for refrigeration use in chemical, medical, and food industries.

The following systems all benefit from using Kaori BPHEs:


Container Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration Equipment

Cryogenic or Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Freeze-Drying Equipment

Low Temperature Systems

Super Market Refrigeration

Next Generation Refrigerant R744 (CO2) systems

Refrigeration use has many applications in various industries but is most commonly found in food industry from warehouse cold storage, transportation, to display cabinets in supermarkets. Many types of food produced by food manufacturers must be frozen or kept at low temperatures before leaving the factory. They commonly use freeze-drying equipment or water-cooled condensing unit and cooler to complete this preservation process. From there, intercontinental transport and refrigeration logistics carry the goods to a specified warehouse or market using refrigerated containers. A variety of refrigeration systems are used in today's supermarkets and efficiency is a top priority for every one of them. 

We recommend the following thermal solutions:

K-Series for Standard refrigeration systems
Z-Series for Large Flow refrigeration systems
R-Series for R410A refrigerant systems
C-Series for R744 refrigerant systems

Industial Applications

Kaori has been supplying our products and services to industrial manufacturers for over forty years.  We understand that providing quality, reliable, cost-competitive products are vital for you and your clients. Kaori's Standard K-Series brazed plate heat exchangers are the trusted choice in providing thermal solutions for oil cooling, laser cutting, power generation systems, and other industries.  For larger flow rates, our Diagonal Flow Z-Series will handle your heavy duty high performance needs.  We are constantly improving our product quality, performance, and cutting production costs to remain the industry's trusted partner for thermal transfer solutions.  

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