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Hi Velocity Air Conditioning Systems

The Hi-Velocity System doesn't depend on natural laws, we pressurize our systems and force air movement so no stratification can develop with in a room. With the continuous movement of air we achieve even temperatures from floor to ceiling, also the continuous movement of air helps to reduce dust build up. The benefits of the Hi-Velocity HE-Z System doesn't stop there, with the use of a lower CFM across our cooling coils we are able to remove a larger amount of humidity from the air. This results in a more comfortable feeling on the skin and greater enjoyment of the conditioned space.

The LV-Z Series is Energy Saving Products update of the LV Fan Coil units. This update  incorporates the Variable Frequency Drive motors used on our line of Hi-Velocity  Systems.  This means that  the only energy used is what is required. The LV-Z Series fan coil is the perfect furnace replacement choice for today's green and efficient demanding market.

Using a variable speed fan control and non-electric zone valve, the JH Series fan coil delivers the proper amount of tempered fresh air to meet building code in radiant heated homes. Due to the importance of Indoor Air Quality for health reasons, especially in arctic climates, the JH series fancoil has been used extensively to meet this demand.

The Hi-Velocity Air Purification System is a technologically advanced in-duct air purifier, capable of maintaining high quality air standards in areas up to 3,000 square feet. As technology has advanced, our homes have advanced with it. Those drafty houses of the past have been replaced by new, energy-efficient homes. While this “sealing up” of our homes has saved us money, the downside is that we now seldom breathe "fresh" air like we should.This is complicated by the fact that we now spend 90% of our lives inside. 


One Air Supply Unit

One AHU gets air distributed evenly throughout the home....no more cold spots at traditional system end runs.

Location, Location

Our indoor ahu and coils can be located virtually anywhere in the home.ecause our system design provides equal airflow throughout the home.

2" or 3"Duct Design

Our systems are designed with 2" or 3" Round insulated Duct. .  Easy to run in chases or inside wall frames.  Specified Systems come with all the fittings as well to make the job easy.

Various Heating options

Hot Water Coils, Electric Heaters and Heat Pump Heating Configurations

Best Cooling Coil In the Biz

Our Cooling coils are special design to reduce humidity and provide the best comfort to the space


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