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Fan Coils


HEFC Fan Coils with ECM Motors

HEFC - New Vertical Airflow Fan Coils, perfect for room to room heating and cooling can have any mix of coils.  For Hospitals, hotels, offices or homes, these units range from 25 to 800 CFM with ECM motor and optional controls.  Choose your Coils.....DX or Chilled Water for cooling, Hot Water or Steam for heating.  We can even do Heat Pump Coils!  1/2 to 2 tons of cooling.  

H2O Belt Driven Fan Coils

The Horizontal Basic Belt Drive Air Handler (HW-G/HW-P) draw-through designs are avail-able for indoor applications and are equipped with blowers that can handle high static applica-tions. The HW-G/HW-P is housed in heavy-gauge galvanized cabinet (or painted casing) and insulated with ½-inch thick, over three pound, neoprene-coated fiberglass. The HWG/HWP comes with a ½-inch OD copper tube coil, for-ward-curved, dynamically balanced belt-driven blowers, motor, & a galvanized steel, powder-coated epoxy drain pan insulated with ⅛-inch thick insulation. A flat filter section, with a two-inch, 30% pleated efficiency filter is included. Access doors are located on both sides of the unit for easy maintenance. Supply & return-air openings have a one-inch duct collar. 

Direct Drive High Static fan coils

New “H Series” - High static units from 400 CFM up to 2200 CFM. Designed for jobs where high static pressure (0.50” max) is required. DX, Chiiled Water, Hot Water and Steam Coil options. 

Vertical Wall -Floor Fan Coils

New H Series Vertical Fan Coils Units with blow-through design, from 200 CFM up to 1200 CFM.  Units are to be mounted on the floor or wall.