Specification Grade Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Systems & Products


Constant Volume Regulators


AZ-CVR Series

Designed to limit the flow through Air Outlets

Field Adjustable from 15 to 800 CFMs

4, 5, 6, 8 & 10 Inch diameter sizes

Dampers & Louvers

AZRD Series Comercial Grade Dampers


Preimium round control dampers...available from 4"-24" with low leakage gasket.  Hand Operators, Cable Operators, 24 or 120 V mechanical operators.  Choose from POSC, POPC and Modulating mechanical operators.  Even remote control operators.

Control & BD Dampers


We manufacturers a wide range of control dampers, manual balancing dampers and backdraft dampers for all applications. NCA can fabricate these dampers in a wide array of materials such as galvanized steel (various gauges), extruded aluminum and stainless steel. All NCA dampers are engineered with performance and ruggedness in mind. 

UL Fire Dampers


Fire dampers are all UL555 tested and listed for installation in air ducts and transfer openings that penetrate walls or floors. These products react to the heat of a fire and close in order to prevent the quick spread of fire through the HVAC penetrations within a building. 

UL Fire / Smoke Dampers


Combination fire and smoke dampers are UL555 and UL555S tested and listed to protect HVAC penetrations made through fire and smoke rated walls and floors. Combination fire/smoke dampers are intended to prevent the spread of both flame and smoke. NCA offers combination fire/smoke dampers in either 3V, airfoil or true round blade types. Life fire dampers, fire/smoke dampers can bear a 1.5 or 3 hour fire rating as well as a Class 1 or Class 2 leakage rating for smoke

Stationary and Adjustable Louvers


 Louvers are intended to protect openings in the external envelope of a building from the penetration of water where HVAC duct penetrations are made for the exhaust and intake of air. Louvers come in a wide variety of blade styles, frame styles and materials that are all dependent on their application. Most louvers are manufactured from extruded aluminum since they brave the elements, however formed steel louvers can be made for applications needing custom gauge metals and stainless steel. We offers a wide range of finish options including Kynar, baked enamel and anodizing. The majority of our louvers are AMCA listed and tested to 500-L (all louvers that are AMCA listed will bear the AMCA seal on the submittal document). 

Combination Louver & Damper


Adjustable louvers and combination louver/dampers are for applications where a louver is needed for intake or exhaust, but there is also a need to control the airflow through the use of some sort of actuator. Adjustable louvers refer to louvers that have set blade angles but the louver blades can completely operate to the fully closed position (operable blades). Combination louver/dampers are louvers that have fixed, stationary blades on the front of the louver, with back blade portions that are fully operable. Typically, adjustable louvers are used when the façade of the building is not a primary concern, whereas combination louver/dampers maintain a specific uniform look to the outside of the building, while still being able to control airflow behind the louver. Both louver types can replace the need for a stationary louver and a separate motorized damper.