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Make Up Air & Air Handling Units



 The MUAA distributes tempered fresh air to provide maximum comfort to the occupants in a well-ventilated home. The heating elements modulate continuously, allowing to heat fresh air at a lower cost. Compact and flexible, this unit has multiple installation positions (horizontal, vertical upflow or downflow) and a plenum kit that allows it to be installed into confined spaces. The MUAA meets ASHRAE 62.2 requirements 

Modular Electric Furance


A new standard in the electric furnace arena. Equipped with an ECM motor, THE FURNACE guarantees greater efficiency and constant air flow. On top of greater savings due to the use of the continuous ventilation mode, this motor makes the most of the humidifier and filtration systems. With the furnace, you have access to top of the line controls for greater temperature management and a much simpler air flow adjustment. There you have it - the all-inclusive package: a quiet motor, compact size, built-in temperature sensor, easy installation and unparalleled ease of use. An electric furnace? You've never seen anything like THE FURNACE!

Clean Air AHU/MUA


The Lifebreath Clean Air AHU/MUA combines an air handler with a built-in heat recovery ventilator that provides exceptional health benefits for everyone in your home. All Lifebreath Clean Air AHU/MUA are available with an optional ECM motor for maximum energy savings. Hot water coil is available for primary heating or tempering make-up air. 

Hydronic AHU


Our Hydronic air handler can be used as a primary source of heat or for make up air applications.

The Swiss Army knife of ventilation


SCV ventilation unit for residential and commercial use is available in four practical formats with a variety of controls to meet the requirements of all types of installations. Its flexibility, versatility and optimized controls make it the Swiss Army knife of ventilation.